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Funding Request 2016– 2017
Name of Organization/Beneficiary:
Contact Person:
City/State/Zip code:
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Federal Tax I.D.:
Grant Request
  1. Amount requested:
  2. Total amount required for project/need:
  3. Total amount currently “pledged” or on hand:
  4. How many people will be affected by this project:
  5. Is this grant contingent on raising additional funds:
  6. When are the funds needed:
  7. Will funds raised for this project be used in the San Diego area:
Please include the following with the grant application:
1.A summary, not to exceed one page, outlining the purpose for which the grant application is being submitted.
2.A budget for this project.
3.A copy of your most recent financial statement.
  • Application must be submitted electronically to Laura MacKinnon at
  • RSF Rotary will consider multi-year grants, but may not choose to do so given other funding requests 
  • Your organization will be required to submit a written evaluation of this grant within six months of receipt.
RSF Rotary/Grants/Grant Application 1/23/2017