Community Service History 

As written in the Club History Document  in 2010 by Chuck Badger Sr.

Rotarians can be found in every corner of the community, offering their unique brand of financial, energetic, and enthusiastic support.  No age group is neglected as the commonly heard phrase "we like the satisfaction of completing a worthwhile job" rings throughout the village.  Besides generous financial support, Rotarians can be found ushering at the Country Friends Fashion Show, helping set up tables at the Rummage Sale, contributing to the Flower Show, and digging up little known facts for the Historical Society.  They donate supplies and cart books for the Library, help at the Senior Center, and keep up to date on Civil Defense and Disaster Preparedness Programs.

The annual Firefighters Appreciation Dinner is an evening dedicated to honoring the firefighters, patrol officers, dispatchers and administration staff for their protection and service during the year.  Employees of the Fire Protection District and spouse enjoy a sit-down dinner at the local country club hosted and served by Rotarians.  The Firefighters of the Year plaque, in honor of longtime resident David Dewey, (plus a monetary gift) is presented to the firefighter chosen by peers to receive this award.

A favorite community celebration, the annual Fourth of July Parade and Picnic, began in 1976 to coincide with the U.S. 200th year birthday celebration.  The initial spark came from the Rotarians, who rounded up a few youngsters with decorated bikes to ride down the main street behind the fire engine.  The event has grown to a wildly enthusiastic full community parade with two and four legged marchers, and riders on anything from one to six wheels.  Happy whistles, kazoo-toots and stirring marching bands contribute to the joyous celebration.  The crowd cheers everyone, the toddler on a colorful tricycle, uniformed Boy Scouts, smiling Princesses, and high stepping seniors.  Fluttering flags range in size from tiny button pins to the giant 11 x 19 foot flag carried by ten strong Rotarians.  Rotary members continue their tradition of contributing finances as well as offering refreshments, arranging for the sound system, and setting up senior searing, and joining the community in having a grand time.