Noah's House
Mar 17, 2021
Molly Nocon
Noah's House

Molly has been a part of Noah Homes for 25 years and accepted the role of CEO in February, 2008. She shares a strong bond with the organization as her brother lived in Casa de Felicidad for 14 years. She experienced the quality of care that Noah Homes is known for nationally as she watched her brother Herb, also known as the Sheriff of Noah, thrive in an atmosphere of love and care in a supportive living environment.

The Board of Directors invited Molly to join in 2000 as a family supporter, and she moved into the role of President of the Board in 2006. As CEO she has moved Noah Homes in a direction of community awareness, corporate partnering and involvement in local activities that bring awareness to the wonderful story that is Noah Homes. She has brought about a huge spirit of volunteerism at Noah Homes and made the community aware of the need to locally support people with disabilities. As a result of Ms. Nocon’s work, new clubs have been created at local high schools and other organizations who want to support adults with disabilities.

Her brother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s challenged Molly to create homes with staffing and program content to allow those with disabilities, now living long enough to get Alzheimer’s, the chance to stay in their own homes through end of life. In 2017 Noah Homes opened the first Memory Care Homes for people with disabilities in California.

While her brother brought her to Noah Homes, her 28 years of experience as a small business consultant in the private and nonprofit business environment made her a wonderful fit for the needs of Noah Homes. She graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s in Telecommunications Management and a minor in Business Administration Accounting and Management. She holds an Administrator’s License from the State of California for ARF care facilities. She is married and has two children. She leads the Contemporary Choir at the Mission San Diego de Alcala.