Sep 22, 2021 12:00 PM
Sandra Cardet
What Life is Like in Cuba Today.

Sandra Cardet was born in the very prosperous small town of Contramaestre, in what was then known as Oriente Province, smack in the middle of the 20th century. 


Her parents, aware of the problems and skirmishes between Batista’s government and Castro’s rebels, thought it best to leave for a while and go to the U.S. until the situation passed. It was 1955 and they had every intention of returning to the country that they loved, but alas, that plan proved impossible.


As we all know, the situation did not pass and in fact, got much, much worse. She and her family became ex-patriots in a foreign land. 


An experienced businesswoman with a background in the financial services industry, Sandra has owned several successful businesses, including a construction company, a property development company and now the wildly successful Havana Grill. 


She gladly shares a lifetime of insights and opinions drawn from her very personal story and that of others who fervently believe that living in a democracy is infinitely better than the alternatives.