Rancho Santa Fe
United States of America
RSVP with mrs.obertreis@gmail.com, headcount needed by Wednesday, May 20th
Recently, the Rotary Club of La Mesa Sunrise was featured in the Union Tribune for  their harvesting efforts of local produce and subsequent donations to local food banks and non-profits. This venture has been enormously successful and a variety of individuals have contacted the club offering their produce for picking as well.  So far they have collectively harvested over 1500 pounds of citrus fruit. 
One of the more resent calls  comes in from a property owner in Rancho Santa Fe who has a grove of 100 orange trees.  He has offered his crop up for harvesting with all oranges going to Rotary for redistribution to organizations in need.  This project is larger than the Rotary Club of La Mesa Sunrise can manage and they have contacted the Rotary Club of Rancho Santa Fe for help.  Both clubs agreed to open this opportunity up to any and all Rotary and Rotaract clubs who might like to participate.  Clubs pick the citrus fruit and they take with them what they pick for distribution in their respective geographical area. The Rotary Club of Rancho Santa Fe has agreed to be the coordinating club for this effort.