Contact: Judy Rowles
Rancho Santa Fe
Just in Time Distribution Center
4561 Mission Gorge Place
Suite G
San Diego, CA 92120
United States of America

Are You a  SHOPPER - MOVER - or DRIVER? 

Rotarians will assist foster youth in setting up a place they can call home. This is fundamental to creating their foundation for success. On March 2nd, 6 former Foster Youth will visit Just in Time’s Distribution Center for a shopping day. There they will select everything they need to create a safe, comfortable, and reliable environment they can be proud of; everything from dressers, nightstands, dining tables and chairs, desks, dish sets, utensils, bedding, lamps, and much more.)

To ensure success, we need approximately 24 volunteers. Each participant will be assigned a team of 4 volunteers to support throughout their shopping experience in the following roles:

•    1 Shopper (Total of 6 volunteers): Helping a youth select items on their wish list and ensure all the items are marked for movers. The shopper will also be taking notes on items selected by the participant.

  • 2 Movers (Total of 12 volunteers):  Once items are selected at the Distribution Center, the mover will move the items to a designated area outside and will help load furniture/household items into the moving vehicles, drive to the youth's home, and unload and move items into the youth's home. There is a lot of heavy lifting, and you must be comfortable lifting heavy items.
  • 1 Driver (Total of 6 volunteers): Help transport items using their SUV, pick-up truck, or a larger vehicle. 

We will need volunteers to sign up by February 15th either on our Rotary website or by emailing Judy Rowles ( with your telephone number and the role you can fill.