Speaker Date Topic
Hybrid Mtg: Cheryl Kilmer Jun 16, 2021
TERI - Training, Education, Research, Innovation
TERI - Training, Education, Research, Innovation

Since the age of 17, Cheryl has committed herself to making a positive difference in the lives of those with developmental disabilities, thus beginning a lifelong journey that has benefited thousands of individuals and their families. Cheryl graduated from the University of Michigan and holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. In 1980, she founded the Training, Education, Research and Innovation (TERI) and has been the CEO of the organization throughout its history.

Cheryl’s goal in establishing TERI was to raise the quality of life and supports available to individuals with significant disabilities. She has met this goal in many ways, including having TERI cited as a model program in the state of California for the quality of services it provides. Twice nominated for Maria Shriver’s prestigious Minerva Award, Cheryl has been repeatedly recognized and honored for her considerable contributions to the field.

No Meeting Jun 23, 2021